Thursday, May 05, 2005

Being Creative With My Jewelry

I had a suede necklace with an ornate pendant hanging from it. I wanted to wear the necklace to a wedding but I really felt that the suede part of the necklace was far too casual for such a formal affair. I loved the pendant and thought how could I wear this with my evening gown? I decided to take the pendant off the suede chain and use one of my sterling silver chains in it's place . The only problem was that the bail of the pendant was too small to fit on this particular chain. I remembered that I had one diamond huggie earring (I lost the other) and it was just collecting dust so I decided to put it to good use. I opened the huggie earring and was able to place it through the bail of the pendant. In doing so, I created my own very decorative bail, which was large enough so that I could now put it onto the silver necklace. I have been receiving compliments on this piece of jewelry ever since.